Email Marketing Crisis

Email Marketing in Crisis: 5 Steps to do it Right

The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has been impacting global markets and economies fiercely. Amid this unprecedented crisis, many marketers are rethinking their email marketing strategies. For some of them, speculations on the effectiveness of emails too are on a rise.

However, the truth is, the relevance of emails has gained new heights during COVID-19. Email open rates globally have risen by 25% week-on-week, as per the data pulled by BounceX.

When it is about acquiring new customers and retaining old ones, email marketing provides the best tools – measurability and customer insights. But, how can B2B marketers approach Email Marketing during coronavirus strategically? Here is the 5-step guide:

1. Reconsider the Timing

Tough times ask for quick and well-researched actions. The same applies to your marketing emails too. Since most of your potential or existing customers must be working from home these days, try to understand their work dynamics. Before sending any email communication, research on what send time suits them and do some testing to see the effectiveness of your emails.

2. Create Content that Helps

Be empathetic:

These difficult times have already pushed people into fear, questions and concerns. Instead of creating content that can scare them, create content that can help them. Display compassion – make your customers feel that you care about them even in the most difficult times.

Keep them informed

Your prospects expect to hear from you especially when it is about the information on your services or deliveries. If the crisis affects the services of your organization, send them timely email communication. Remember, delay in making critical communications can negatively impact the reputation of your brand.

Check your tone

Be mindful of the tone and language that you use in your marketing emails. Of course, you want to communicate valid information about the current situation, but passing on a belief of positivity is of equal importance.

3. Provide Reassurance

Remember that in the times of novel coronavirus, your clients look to you for assurance that you will stay committed to being their true partners or service providers. Make sure that your email communications focus on reassuring them the same.

  • Add your previous success stories in emails
  • Give a short testimonial video clip of your clients while sending emails to new prospects
  • Remind your buyers of their buying histories and how they liked their purchase

Following these steps will give them confidence that their business is always in the safest hands.

4. Give Inside View

Your clients not only want to know that you care about them, but also want to know about how you care about your employees. Knowing this gives them the satisfaction that their service providers keep values in high regard.

  • Publish a quote or few lines from your employees talking about their experiences of working from home during COVID-19
  • Write about what are you doing to ensure the safety of your employees
  • Talk about how your employees are responding and standing committed to delivering to the clients

5. Be Creative in Communications

Unprecedented days ask for unprecedented changes. One great way to bring change in your marketing emails is to become creative. Adding a little more touch of creativity can step-up your marketing game. Add GIFs, short videos and interactive infographics. Of course, don’t overdo it; keep it all relevant to the current global pandemic, your business services and the goal of helping your customers.

 #Bonus Tip: Send Emails with Human Touch

Tough times not only ask for change, but they also make us stronger. During this COVID-19, everyone has the same questions and doubts, but we have never felt stronger than today. Human touch to marketing communications has made it possible and will take it a long way. Let your marketing emails sound more like a human rather than just an automated machine. These small steps will give your customers, both existing and potential, a hope to overcome all the challenges that the current outbreak has laid upon the markets.

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