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Healthcare Appending Services

How Businesses Can Grow Their Client Base Through Email Appending Services

Ever wondered about the quality of your marketing lists before using them in campaigns to Email Appending Services? Research predicts almost 22.5% data decay annually - a fact that will greatly affect your campaign reach, response and ROI, if you continue using old and invalid lists. Data Appending Services especially for email address append, phone and fax append, social media append etc. is an alternative that most marketers prefer.

What is meant by Email Appending?

Email Appending is a marketing practice that works basically at detecting missing and outdated telephone and fax numbers, email addresses of prospects and updating it with new and accurate data. Organizations looking at expanding their client base and market presence, usually invest in Email Appending Service as a means for engaging with a wider audience base through their preferred channel of communication. Considering the dynamic nature of the healthcare sector, Appending Services is a highly accepted form of growing healthcare lists, considering it creates opportunities for maintaining contact with old customers while gaining new ones.

How we carry out Data Appending Services at Top Healthcare Leads (THL)

At THL, we keep things simple but relevant, quick but time-bound, customized but as per ethical and international standards. Our Data Appending Services as such consists of 4 specific steps, with each step moving towards making your medical lists better and all-inclusive in order to improve your marketing experience.

Step 1: Accept client Healthcare Email Database and match it against our healthcare masterfile

Step 2: Identify missing, duplicate, inaccurate data from client list and update the database with fresh email addresses, phone numbers, mailing address etc.

Step 3: Based on client request send out welcome messages and/or go for opt-in and opt-out addresses

Step 4: Wait typically for 48-72 hours for response and finalize the list for delivering to clients.

Appending Service available at THL

Timely appends done on your healthcare mailing addresses can help your client base to grow especially by being able to approach them through different channels of communication. It is possible for marketers to identify healthcare specialists and connect with them through their preferred channels. So whether it is through emails, direct mails and telemarketing campaigns Data Appending Services can resolve many challenges in communication. Some of the popular Appending Services we offer our clients are:

Benefits of Appending Services

Appending as a marketing practice comes with its benefits. At THL, we understand that with competition growing in the sector, it is necessary for marketers to be able to establish better relationship with their targeted audiences and prospective customers for better business opportunities. It is believed that in order to seal a business deal, it takes almost 5 to 7 interaction with customers. Data Appending will make sure that you don't have to rely on a single channel for making these contacts, but extend your brand visibility and audience engagement rate by connecting with them through a combination of online and offline channels. With THL' Appending Services therefore, marketers can benefit by:

  • Connecting with target audience
  • Adding missing or correct contact to your database
  • Reducing data management costs by maintaining quality
  • Achieving customer retention through increased relevancy
  • Enhancing social marketing strategies
  • Improving conversion rates to the maximum
  • Converting single-channel customers into multi channel customers
  • Increasing traffic to website drastically

Keep your database fresh, accurate and relevant! Contact us to know how we can help improve your database quality.

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