Email Marketing

5 Outstanding Tricks To Personalize Email Marketing

In the world of automated B2B email marketing, ‘the human element’ is a little pinch of salt that ultimately decides the fate of a campaign. It is good that you want to make your mark through email campaigning. But beware of getting Spam-zoned while doing that. Most marketing emails either remains unopened or end up in the Spam or Trash folder. To stop your message from being rejected, bring the warmth of human element to your campaigns and go for personalization.

Say your name

Your audience don’t want to be ‘sold’. If you send email from your business email address, you are making an impression of pursuing them for product purchase. Add your name rather just writing the name of your company. If necessary, add your designation and company name as well; but make sure your name gets the utmost priority. This makes sure that the mail is coming from a person as a private email.

Get Emotional

Adding emotional warmth is necessary for email marketing. Users should feel that the sender of this email is a sensitive human being. Speak the tone that they want to hear. Write your content and subject line in a way as you are sitting right next to your audience. State your message in a way that you are talking to a very old friend of yours.

Say Sorry When You’re Wrong

Did you make any mistake in your marketing mail? Did you clicked the ‘Send’ button before you were supposed to? Never feel shy to apologize for your mistake. Doesn’t matter whether you have sent wrong information or unknowingly made a typo- if it is your fault, apologize, period! Most of the time a warm sorry melts the heart than constantly blabbering in favour of the wrong deed.

Build Engagement

Your email campaigns have to be conversational. When conducting an email campaign, make sure that you have already have an idea about your audience’s online behaviour. Do your research to know their triggers points, interests, purchase behaviour, and build a probable buyer’s persona. Develop and distribute content that triggers them to engage with the email communication. Get involve with them. Ask them questions about the area you are discussing. If any queries come from their end, don’t forget to reciprocate properly. If they find any lack of communication from your end, their might lose the interest from your offer(s).

Call ’em up

When you know for sure that your prospects have interest on the topic you are speaking on, try to strengthen the bond. Rather than startingwith a mechanical email communication, try to bring them closer. After sending your mail,call the user personally. While calling for further interaction, don’t forget to thank themagain for showing further interest.

These are some of the factors that you should always keep in mind while personalizing email campaigns. If you are too much into automated email campaigning, now is the time step back for a while. Think of the type of email that you would like to open. Isit the one with cold sales pitch or the one that has the warmth of the human conversation? Think and then take the action.